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British politics has an entitlement problem. Shall we discuss Eton?

A notorious question in one of the school’s entrance exams resurfaced this week. It asked students to put themselves in the position of a prime minister and write a speech justifying the army killing protesters

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Ashley Cowburn How representative of Britain is Boris Johnson’s new cabinet?

Politics Explained: The new administration breaks records with those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, but is wide of the mark on gender and educational background 

Eton pupils granted meeting with Vladimir Putin before Theresa May

Meeting comes just one week before the Prime Minister is due to meet the Russian president for the first time at G20 conference

Why I'm tired of prejudice against people who went to private school

Considering my Dad was a dry cleaning salesman, money was tight. For a few years my mum had to work a second job at Asda just to pay for Christmas. They invested in us, and almost bankrupted themselves in the process