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Don Quixote, Royal Opera House, review: Colourful production

The Royal Ballet succeeded in delivering the audience showstoppers on opening night

Hamilton star raps to stop audience member filming

The Hamilton creator has asked fans: 'Please don't make me do that s*** again'

Why Stanislavski's 'system' is still used to this day

'Remember there are no small parts, only small actors,' the influential actor and director once said

The Convert, Young Vic, review: Has the feeling of a modern classic

Though all the twists in the final section may not quite be believable, the darkening drama is still gripping

The Cane review: Clever, witty and slyly provocative

A baying mob of schoolchildren gang up on a teacher over his past use of the cane, in a play that asks if it’s fair to judge past actions by the standards of the present

Die Stadt ohne Juden review: The live score was disappointing

The music, while valiantly performed, seemed to be trying to attract attention to itself in every bar