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What Jake Gyllenhaal’s Bubble Boy can teach us about self-isolation

Engulfed in controversy at the time, ‘Bubble Boy’ has only lingered in pop culture memory because of its now-famous star. But in a time of coronavirus-inflicted self-isolation, it suddenly feels relevant, writes Adam White


Bessie Yuill Jane Fonda’s six decades of lust, controversy and revolution on film

As Jane Fonda’s first ever screen role turns 60, Bessie Yuill revisits the star’s incredible journey from unhappy sex symbol to one-woman revolutionary


Geoffrey Macnab Christopher Walken’s terrifying ambiguity remains his secret weapon

More than 50 years after his debut, Christopher Walken is still one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries, writes Geoffrey Macnab


Geoffrey Macnab Can films about self-isolation help us with coronavirus?

Those on their own might take inspiration from the more insightful dramas about individuals or families trying to survive in adverse circumstances, says Geoffrey Macnab​