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World Press Photo Contest 2019: See the nominees

Photos from some of the biggest news stories of last year are nominated

Rallying: The Dakar, a world of sand and solitude

Carlos Jasso explains why, as a photographer, he loves shooting the Dakar Rally 

Kumbh Mela: a view of the world’s largest gathering of people

Worshippers bathe together in order to be cleansed of their sins

With clubs, churches and motorcycles, Berlin becomes home for migrants

For those escaping war-torn countries, life in the German capital holds the promise of a new beginning. But despite a willingness to contribute to society, their search for freedom continues

Star Wars Archives: the definitive exploration of the original trilogy

Ever since George Lucas created the modern monomyth it’s attracted devoted fans both young and old. In Taschen’s first volume, the director narrates his own story, taking people through the making of the first three blockbuster films

In photos: A transgender man's journey

Harrison Massie longed to feel more comfortable in his own body. As he embarked on his transition, Sara Swaty, a young photographer and friend, set off to capture it, frame by frame, year after year