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Johnson as prime minister would 'make Tory MPs defect to Change UK'

'That would potentially be the end of the road for a number of Tory MPs', predicts Heidi Allen - as Conservatives manoeuvre against Theresa May

Police accused of 'brutal' Extinction Rebellion protester treatment

'This aggression from the police ... is inexcusable,' activists say

Thousands of women who are domestic abuse victims refused help

Exclusive: ‘When I decided to report it to the police and spoke to a social worker, I was told that I could not get accommodation for me and my daughter, so all I could do was stay in the house with him,’ says domestic abuse victim with EU family permit 

Labour deletes Passover tweet over loaf of bread image

Storm of criticism of Labour’s ‘astonishing (but sadly unsurprising) basic religious illiteracy’

Universities 'more secretive' on animal tests as rabbits given cholera

‘Easter bunny cruelty’ carried out by scientists who injected bacteria into animals’ spines and sewed their eyes shut