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What it feels like to be pregnant during a pandemic

Shortly after Emma Finamore’s first scan in February, coronavirus became a real threat in the UK. Here, she speaks to other women about what it’s like to be pregnant in the age of Covid-19

Olivia Colman among celebrities highlighting domestic abuse helpline

Refuge hopes its #SafetyInANumber campaign will ensure every woman knows they can call National Domestic Abuse helpline

The 12 best charities to support on International Women’s Day

Whether you are able to donate financially or lend your voice to raising awareness of their work

‘Tampon tax’ is set to be abolished in the Budget

‘Congratulations to all the women who campaigned so long for this ridiculous and unfair tax to be removed,’ says chief executive of the Women’s Resource Centre charity

Kristin Scott Thomas ‘fed up’ with how women are treated as they age

‘Ageing is a quality for women. We don’t just fade away,’ says actor