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Ousted US Navy captain tests positive for coronavirus

Defence Secretary Mark Esper ​doubled down on the justification of Crozier’s firing on Sunday


While Trump dithered on coronavirus, this Republican governor acted

As Trump was comparing the coronavirus to the common flu, Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine was cancelling sporting events, ordering schools to close, and shuttering restaurants


Chris Blackhurst We’ve learnt what our parents knew; that our whole world can stop

We supposed we were secure and we’re not. And like the generations before us who dealt with war and the Great Depression, says Chris Blackhurst, we will emerge from this crisis less wasteful and more risk-averse


Zlata Rodionova The distillery swapping tradition for sustainable whisky

Annabel Thomas entered a ‘man’s world’ when she started her distillery in Scotland, but that’s not the only tradition she’s changing, writes Zlata Rodionova

Trump says teenage son Barron ‘isn’t as happy as he could be’

President offers rare insight into life of youngest child, largely shielded from media spotlight, and expresses growing anxiety about economic standstill

Trump fires inspector general who handled impeachment complaint

With US concentrating on coronavirus fightback, president sacks intelligence community inspector general Michael Atkinson, telling congress it is ‘vital’ he has watchdog in place he can trust

5G conspiracy theory petition deleted due to misinformation

Fake claims amplified by celebrities helped petition spread across social media before removed it due to 'misinformation'

Heathrow to close half its terminals

Airport will switch to single-runway operation on Monday


Andy Martin Why businesses should strive for a bad review on Trustpilot

When Peter Muhlmann set up the review website in 2007, he was on a mission to convince companies that what customers say really matters. After the launch of the website’s newest feature, he tells Andy Martin he’s realised it is how businesses react to their reviews that customers really care about

Claire Danes responds to claims that Homeland is racist

Political thriller is coming to an end after 10 years

How to manage your mental health if you have to self-isolate

As the government announces further social distancing measures, how should people maintain good mental health in long periods of self-isolation?