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Brazil sends in 44,000 troops to tackle Amazon blazes

Bolsonaro accused of ignoring environmental destruction

How 'red flag' laws could help stop American mass shootings

Since the shooting in Parkland, Florida, over a dozen states have passed ‘red flag’ laws. Since the recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio they are being more widely seen as a way of preventing more tragedies

21 best online beauty stores

Whether you are looking for targeted skincare or cruelty-free makeup, these sites offer the best beauty products available 

The budget no-smudge lipstick that is French Girl-approved

This $8 lipstick is almost impossible to smudge and can last an entire day with only a minor touch-up

Johnson says no-deal Brexit is ‘touch and go’

Follow the latest updates from meeting of world leaders in Biarritz, France

First rocket commanded by Russian humanoid robot fails to dock at ISS

Android-manned vehicle aborts docking just 96 metres from ISS

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Martin Friel ‘Don’t be afraid of AI’: Daniel Pitchford debunks technology myths

View From The Top: The co-founder of AI Business, a portal for the technology’s real-world applications, says the arrival of machines that can learn anything a human can could be anything up to 100 years away

Netflix releases trailer for Breaking Bad film

Veil of secrecy finally lifted on project, which has been in the works since early 2018

Mental health problems are the main cause of sick days for NHS staff

'Workers must get rapid access to support services', union says