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News analysis

Harry Cockburn Humans are a plague on Earth – but can we mend our ways?

Optimism and education are essential in the race to preserve what’s left of the natural world, writes Harry Cockburn

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Jimi Famurewa Welcome to Copenhagen’s first urban ski slope atop a power plant

It’s not all plain sailing, but a visit to Denmark’s most talked-about new building is well worth the bruises, says Jimi Famurewa

21 best online beauty stores

Whether you are looking for targeted skincare or cruelty-free makeup, these sites offer the best beauty products available 

The budget no-smudge lipstick that is French Girl-approved

This $8 lipstick is almost impossible to smudge and can last an entire day with only a minor touch-up

New York Times backs Trump impeachment in scathing editorial

Influential newspaper accuses president of 'asserting a form of monarchical immunity that Congress cannot let stand'

Free links to stream Usman vs Covington at UFC 245 spread online

Hundreds of illegal links expected to flood Facebook, Twitter and Reddit forums

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James Moore Change is urgently needed after this dire Pinocchio election

The public has had a cloud of deceit thrown at them. It’s time to regulate political advertising. But the social media giants must also face up to their own responsibilities, writes James Moore

Ryanair boss predicts Tories’ EU deal will be ‘Brexit in name only’

Michael O’Leary tells Boris Johnson: ‘You want to be seen politically to be leaving the European Union, but you’ll finish up with a Norway-style agreement’

Taylor Swift confirmed as Sunday headliner for Glastonbury 2020

Singer joins previously announced artists Paul McCartney and Diana Ross

Human detector' to protect homeless people sleeping in bins launched

Device indicates if a person has been in the container since it was last emptied