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With Eighth Grade, Hollywood is finally getting teenagers right

Alexandra Pollard looks at why it has taken so long for a film like Bo Burnham's directorial debut – which depicts the daily micro-embarrassments of being a teenage girl – to reach the big screen

Robert De Niro calls Trump a 'total loser' and 'wannabe gangster'

The actor said his days of giving Trump the benefit of the doubt are over

Adele splits from husband after three years of marriage

Her representative said the pair are committed to raising their six-year-old son together

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Matt Shultz: 'There was a huge potential of me not being here'

Making the rock band’s fifth album rescued their electrifying frontman from himself after a series of devastating personal traumas. He speaks to Roisin O’Connor about the making of Social Cues, the ‘tortured artist’ trope, and why he relates to documentaries about serial killers

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Jenny Lewis: ‘Masculine toxicity just ends up in my orbit'

The former Rilo Kiley singer talks to Alexandra Pollard about her new album, heartbreak, the death of her estranged mother, and why Ryan Adams’s behaviour ‘is not something I’ll ever tolerate again’

On the Assassination Vacation tour, Drake is his own worst enemy

Drake’s approach to the live show mirrors his most recent release, Scorpion – it’s erratic at best, and he prefers to chop and change songs than perform anything in full

Rose McGowan to perform one-woman show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The premise of the show is to view Earth from another perspective and to learn how 'we can create a liberated and fairer society'

A Man of Good Hope review, Linbury Theatre, London

Based on Jonny Steinberg’s book about a refugee’s true story as he progresses through Africa after setting off from Mogadishu