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Marijuana for breakfast: The Beatles and the making of Help!

John Lennon recalled glazed eyes and giggling on Dick Lester’s zany Bond spoof – now recognised as the film that invented pop video, as well as the moment The Beatles’ songwriting left Merseybeat far behind. Mark Beaumont on how a classic was created out of chaos

YouTube star Jake Paul tries to start online feud with Zayn Malik

YouTube star claimed the pop singer had been ‘rude’ to him at the Fury v Wilder match in Las Vegas

Friends cast pictured in bizarre promo photos after reunion news

Promotional images and magazine shoots forced the cast into a number of bizarre themes

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Cocaine, no sleep and deep soul: The story of Bowie’s Young Americans

‘His eyes didn’t look healthy but his voice might be better than on any other album’ – pianist Mike Garson and guitarist Carlos Alomar recall the sessions that featured soul greats like Luther Vandross and visitors John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen. By Mark Beaumont

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BTS weave myriad emotions into a gorgeous tapestry on their new album

As a full album, 7 shows how determined the band are to make this record as cinematic and immersive an experience as possible

Cool Britannia? The Brit Awards are, dare we say it, good again

While there is still a long way to go when it comes to improving the representation of female artists, the Brit Awards put on a show that felt spontaneous and full of warmth, says Roisin O'Connor

A Number is a brief and beautiful investigation into identity – review

It’s only an hour long, but Caryl Churchill’s timely play is a wonderfully unsettling triumph

National Theatre dismisses claims of rift with patron Meghan Markle

The artistic director said it would be ‘business as usual’ despite the Duchess now living in Canada