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Mass brawl involving ‘at least 60 to 100’ erupts at Haydock racecourse

'There were families and kids there, they were bumping into prams and as you can see onthe video there's a mum and child being rushed off by security'

Man who tried to murder his GP with crossbow jailed for 20 years

'You killed my father, I am going to kill you', Mark Waterfall said before firing

First female British Isis member jailed in UK freed from prison

Former finance student took her 18-month-old son to Syria in 2014 after calling for people to fight for Isis on social media 

Man wielding power saw storms into pub and threatens drinkers

Andrew Dicken has admitted affray and is due to be sentenced in March

Father of murdered schoolgirl says he sold cannabis to alleged killer

'I told her I would see her in the morning and that was the last time I saw her', Robert MacPhail says