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Glowie: ‘I hated my body – it was just about feeling used’

The much-hyped Icelandic popstar talks to Alexandra Pollard about reclaiming her body after a sexual assault, her lifechanging ADHD diagnosis, and why she’s not going to be quiet anymore 

Bruce Springsteen’s Western Stars is a late-period masterpiece

Where most rock superstars sink into trad tedium by 69, Springsteen is still crafting sophisticated paeans of depth and illumination, a rock grandmaster worthy of the accolade

Madonna’s Madame X is an often brilliant, occasionally awful record

Queen of Pop’s 14th record is such a cultural melange that it sometimes verges on collapsing in on itself. At other times, though, what is thrown at the wall sticks beautifully

Now Hear This: Taylor Swift, Glowie, Mariah and DVTCH NORRIS

In her Friday column, our music correspondent goes through the best new music releases of the week