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15 best new books to read on your summer holiday

Looking for something to download on your kindle to while away the carefree days this summer? Pick up one of these novels 

10 best extendable dining tables to suit your dinner party needs

Invest in a versatile, stylish piece of furniture that will please any crowd

10 best resuable produce bags to help reduce single-use plastic

The 10 leading supermarkets in the UK produce 1.2 billion single-use plastic product bags a year – so do your bit for the planet by investing in some handy reusable bags for your food shop

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When the great British summertime finally arrives, be prepared with our top picks

10 best letterbox flowers for the perfect gift without delivery issues

Impress your friends or relatives with a beautiful bouquet that they don't have to wait in for to receive

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6 best TV streaming boxes

Watch your favorite shows and movies, and discover some new ones, with the latest set-top and plug-in stream boxes. 

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From a negroni to a caipirinha, here are the tomes to help you mix up your own versions at home

10 best millennial memoirs by women 2019

From dating woes to moving stories of grief and dealing with mental health issues, today’s millennials know a thing or two about writing up their life stories