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7 best electronic skincare tools

Plug and play skincare is ready to invade your dressing table – to seriously up your beauty game

10 best brands turning recycled plastic bottles into clothes

Our single use plastic habit has to stop. And although recycling is not the answer, repurposing one of the worst offenders into a new item keeps bottles from landfill

8 best ergonomic office chairs

We tried the most technologically advanced seats for a home office to keep you pain-free

7 best fridge freezers

Whether you want an all-singing appliance with internal cameras, or just a reliable place to store your food, pick one of these tried and tested products

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Shop from our trusted product reviews

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10 best multi-room speakers

Take your music to each corner of the house with a synced-up system

7 best smart kitchen appliances

You might not necessarily need an app on your coffee machine to be able to reorder your favourite refill pods, but it sure is useful

9 best plastic-free living books

If you want to reduce your single-use plastic consumption, but you're not quite sure how best to do it – read a book from our selection to help you go green

8 best self-care books

From moving memoirs with handy tips to practical pocket guides filled with interactive exercises, here’s our tried and tested selection