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Labour to back bid for second Brexit referendum this week

Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer says party will whip MPs to support backbench move to secure Final Say vote

Johnson Brexit letters 'may be in contempt of parliament'

Prime minister faces possible legal action over his two letters to the EU - one relaying request to extend Brexit process and the other advising against it

MPs vote to force Brexit extension beyond 31 October

Prime minister defeated by 322 votes to 306 but insists he 'will not negotiate a delay with the EU'

Politics explained

Andrew Woodcock Letwin amendment: what it does and why it was passed

Politics Explained: MPs’ vote activates legal requirement for the prime minister to request an extension to Brexit

Blair and Major warn Johnson's Brexit deal threatens peace in Ireland

Two former prime ministers have issued a plea to MPs not to “wreck” the Northern Ireland peace process and risk the break-up of the United Kingdom by approving Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

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Boris Johnson's Brexit deal unanimously approved by EU leaders

Leaders speak of regret for Brexit but relief that a deal has been done