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EasyJet founder warns airline could run out of money by August

‘How many Brits will want to fly to northern Italy or Spain on holiday this June and vice-versa? Not many I think,’ says the easyJet founder

Hedge funds continue to short sell UK companies despite calls to stop

Exclusive: Analysis by The Independent suggests many hedge funds have effectively ignored the suggestion by the Bank of England governor that they should stop betting that the share price of UK firms will fall

A fifth of small UK businesses 'could go bust within a month'

Many firms unable to access hundreds of billions of pounds of government support

Banks urged to cancel interest payments for struggling customers

Lenders cancel billions in shareholder dividends — and now face calls to use the money to help households and firms through crisis

Relax holiday refund regulations or holidaymakers will be hit harder

The travel trade association wants the refund period to be extended