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While Star Wars flounders, Picard breathes new life into Star Trek

‘Star Trek: Picard’ wins this round of the franchise battle by remembering that geeks cannot live on nostalgia alone, writes Ed Power

Armando Iannucci: ‘I doubt the BBC licence fee will survive’

The satirical genius behind The Thick of It and Veep talks to Ed Cumming about the man in the White House, adapting David Copperfield, his new sci-fi comedy Avenue 5, and the fate of the Beeb in the age of streaming

Long-running news host Jim Lehrer dies aged 85

Tributes flood in from colleagues across the world of media and politics

Too much celebrity offspring is spoiling Love Island

Where once ‘Love Island’ was a sun-kissed haven for relatable ordinary people, its winter series has been disappointingly dominated by individuals already touched by celebrity, writes Adam White

Netflix reveals most-watched shows of recent months

Henry Cavill TV show is set to overtake Stranger Things, but many are sceptical about what the figures actually mean