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Watch the trailer for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2

The dragon queen doesn't have anything good planned for the Kingslayer

George Lucas helped to direct the first new episode of Game of Thrones

A new featurette shows Lucas working alongside episode director David Nutter, who described the experience as ‘so cool for me’

Lori Loughlin pleads not guilty in college admissions scandal

Pair says in court documents they are waiving their right to appear in court for an arraignment and plead not guilty

How Game of Thrones achieved world domination

HBO’s hit series has become a household name, but how did the books come into being? ‘I had never read anything quite like it,’ Jane Johnson, the woman responsible for bringing them to the UK, tells David Barnett

Jon Snow's parents in Game of Thrones explained

Why is Jon Snow the true heir to the Iron Throne?

Simon Farnaby on BBC's Ghosts: 'It's a good time to lampoon a Tory'

The co-creator and star of Horrible Histories and Yonderland talks to Alexandra Pollard about his haunting new comedy, writing Paddington 2, and the "s**t-show" that is Brexit