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Ancient hyenas roamed the Arctic, fossilised teeth reveal

Wolf-like hyenas would have eked out an existence hunting horses and caribou 1.4 million years ago

UK risks food shortages and fascism, Extinction Rebellion warns

‘Let the British people know they are going to walk into their supermarkets possibly in just a few years time and not have food on their shelves,’ says Gail Bradbrook

People smoked cannabis to get high 2,500 years ago, tombs reveal

Ancient people may have thought drug helped them communicate with divine or the dead

Scientists create laser that can spot and blast away tumour cells

Technology can see cells under the skin and blast them away

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Phoebe Weston How green is a battery-powered future?

Analysis: They can hold renewable energy, but the lithium-ion batteries that power our lives have their own issues

Plane brightens skies with beautiful rainbow trail

Phenomenon captured as plane flies over Germany

In-car tech: vital for our safety or a fatal distraction?

From parking sensors to hands-free phone systems, there are plenty of gadgets designed to reduce the possibility of a crash – but they could be making drivers more prone to errors