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Rosena Allin-Khan Johnson wants to shut people out, not welcome them. We must fight back

By rejecting freedom of movement and voting against the rights of refugees, Boris Johnson’s government is turning its back on fundamental principles

Patrick Cockburn China’s coronavirus outbreak reminds me of a polio epidemic I survived

Chinese authorities’ transparency about the epidemic won’t do any good because as I witnessed firsthand, frightened people want someone to blame  

Almara Abgarian Sex Education’s ‘everyday assault’ storyline demands we face reality

It's important for TV and film to depict rape – but we need to look directly at all forms of assault for us to change the culture

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Mary Dejevsky The coronavirus shows China may not conquer the world after all

The nation may be advancing in economic terms, but in the realm of public health there is much popular discontent

Kuba Shand-Baptiste Meghan Markle doesn’t ‘owe’ her father a thing – despite what he says

As valuable as family loyalty can be, no one should feel forced into it – parents have to earn respect too

Mark Steel The woke brigade are so powerful, the only job open to us is PM

Actors, in particular, have faced appalling hardship. Half of the country’s actors currently working were educated at private schools. We’re now so woke that the other half of acting roles are going to that lucky group known as ‘common people’