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Andrew Grice None of the Tory leadership candidates can deliver what they promise

It’s not just on Brexit that they’re overpromising, but also their pledges to cut taxes, a traditional Tory tune which will appeal to members but leave the winner with a big headache about how to deliver them

Precious Adesina Rory Stewart’s reliance on fear doesn't mean he should be PM

Mildly disagreeing with some aspects of an opposing candidate’s campaign, with nothing new or concrete to offer, is not enough of a reason to be selected as our new leader

Annie Corcoran For women like me Kim Kardashian's new body make-up isn't problematic

We live in an infuriating society that demands women look a certain way but shames them and calls them vain or high-maintenance when they do try to conform

Natalie Fiennes Rory Stewart’s idea for national service is a reactionary fantasy

Imposing a compulsory NCS is nothing more than slapping a pretty plaster on a massive gaping wound. Inequality is the real cause of the chasms in our society – but of course the Tory contender doesn’t have a plan for that

Letters Last night’s debate showed the incompetence of all potential PMs

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