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Tom Peck Will Boris write to Brussels? I have no idea... and apparently neither does he

An entirely pointless day has drawn to its pointless end. White is black; black is white; the prime minister isn’t going to break the law, but he isn’t going to not break it

Robert Fisk I don't blame the Lebanese rioters setting Beirut alight

On the corniche seafront where I live almost every apartment block is empty. These buildings are owned as investments by Iraqis and Saudis, while the poor of the Beqaa Valley live in shacks

Editors' letters

Cathy Adams How we pick the top destinations at the travel desk

We’ve always favoured second cities and under-represented destinations around the world, and where your money can go further

Hugo Dixon Tomorrow will be the most momentous day in peacetime politics

Pro-European MPs are still finalising their plans. One idea is to reject the deal until and unless legislation passes; another is to fight for a referendum tomorrow. But whatever precise mechanism is decided, we must stop the deal

Chris Key Extinction Rebellion's disdain for working people can't continue

As the public turns against London's climate protestors, it's a reminder that politicians should be more careful who they decide to get into bed with