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Put it to the people UK Politics

May begs Tory MPs to 'sacrifice' some beliefs to avoid no-deal Brexit

A crash-out departure 'would cause disruption to our economy and to people’s daily lives, damaging jobs' letter to all Tory MPs admits

Eat dog food, fight off rioters and use your plant pots as makeshift heaters: How to survive no-deal Brexit

Dozens sign up for £250 weekend showing how to cope with breakdown of civil society after March 29 (... although course itself doesn't start until April)

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Are these the 40 greatest plays ever written?

From 'Antigone' to 'Blasted', 'Hamlet' to 'Jerusalem', Paul Taylor and Holly Williams choose 40 brilliant plays to watch, hear or read

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Oliver Gillie How the plight of Romania’s starving, sick and naked children moved an entire generation

Doctors say it took the revolution to expose the coverup, but even then Romanian state authorities seemed reluctant to act. In 1990, Oliver Gillie visited a Bucharest hospital and was horrified by what he saw

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Angela Lambert The orphans born in Romania, born again in Britain

After the cover-up was exposed, millions pitied the children who suffered from Ceausescu’s cruelties. In 1990, Angela Lambert met two couples who did more than sympathise

David Lammy Brexit will spark a collapse – let’s take to the streets to stop it

The Put It To The People march on 23 March will make the case for more democracy impossible to ignore

Sean O'Grady This is not the Brexit I expected when I voted Leave

I will respect the result of a Final Say referendum, which will come because parliament cannot and should not decide, and the people can and will

Alastair Campbell Our march will show MPs there is no support for this Brexit

Campaigning is a mindset – don’t take no for an answer and be inspired by the words of Nelson Mandela: ‘Everything is impossible ... until we make it happen’

London Fashion Week: Celebrities on the front row at AW19 runway shows

The FROW is a who’s who of the fashion world 

Rebecca Ferguson interview: ‘On set, a hand slipped onto my arse’

The Swedish star of Mission: Impossible talks to Alexandra Pollard about her new film The Kid Who Would Be King, a confrontation with a ‘manipulative’ male director, and how – when it comes to #MeToo – ‘there’s no smoke without bloody fire’

Phoebe Waller-Bridge on Killing Eve and the return of Fleabag

‘I’ve always wanted to be a bat – but I’m expected to be a panther,’ Phoebe Waller-Bridge tells Amanda Hess. Now, the writer and actor is really getting to spread her wings 

US-China trade talks to continue next week as they fail to reach deal

US stocks rose on Friday, as investors took the extension as a sign both sides are serious about ending the trade war

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Hazel Sheffield Food waste is becoming big business

The best dish that Elsa Bernadotte ever picked up on Karma, a food waste app she co-founded in her native Sweden in 2016, couldn’t be more Swedish.

Driver films cars and lorries skidding into deadly motorway crash

Motorists urged to remain home as heavy snow continues 

May suffers embarrassing defeat as Tories rebel over no-deal Brexit

Theresa May’s Brexit plans have been dealt a body blow following a “fiasco” in the House of Commons, which saw dozens of Tories inflict an embarrassing defeat on their leader.