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Stigma around women's underwear creating a 'petri-dish' for disease

In a country that is ruled by tradition, science and technology have done little to penetrate local values, writes Meehika Barua

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special report US election

Elizabeth Warren is a planner. Running is new on the to-do list

The former school teacher is going after the 'diamonds, Rembrandts, and yachts' of America's wealthy elite, but she just wants a sliver of those goods

Hundreds of Europeans arrested for acts of ‘solidarity’ with refugees

Research suggests sharp rise in people being criminalised for providing food, shelter and transport and other 'basic acts of human kindness' to asylum seekers across Europe

Patrick Hanlon and Russell Alford We’ve lost the point of Eurovision – it’s a platform for performers

Israel isn’t the first ‘controversial’ state to host the competition, and it won’t be the last. There are many platforms to take a stand against in terms of politics, but Eurovision shouldn’t be one of them

Prince Harry among guests at Lady Gabriella Windsor’s wedding

It's the third royal wedding to take place within one year

Live News

Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked while attending event in South Africa

The actor was at Arnold Classic Africa when he was attacked 

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Chris Blackhurst Employee ownership is the future of business

Richer Sounds is doing it, so are other companies. Chris Blackhurst tells us why putting control of companies into the hands of employees is the way forward