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Leslie Leuenberger The meteoric rise of Twitch

The platform has become the most popular live-streaming service in the world. But how did a site where you can watch other people playing video games in their bedrooms for hours and hours take over the internet? Leslie Leuenberger investigates

golden globes Features

Banal, unfunny and not as dangerous as he thinks: Time to stop glorifying Gervais at the Golden Globes

Comedian has cultivated an insincere image of outrageous unpredictability, which media has long helped inflame. When he returns, we shouldn’t play along, writes Adam White

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Le Mans ’66 Reviews

Le Mans ’66 skillfully subverts the glamour of the racetrack

Mangold’s film may relish in the high life, but its final moments feel devastatingly hollow

exclusive football

Sancho on skills, south London and taking next step with England

The teenager winger is set to play a leading role in England’s upcoming qualifiers despite a testing few weeks

Sean O'Grady Yorkshire tells Boris Johnson his ‘average joe’ act is dead

Everything about the prime minister is as confected and invented as any teenage pop group star. Finally, after years of pulling the wool over our eyes, the public can see it for themselves

Jason Schwartzman: ‘I’d be happy to be in a Marvel film’

Exclusive: The star of ‘Rushmore’ and ‘Bored to Death’ on Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese’s controversial comments about superhero movies, his new animated Christmas film ‘Klaus’, and why he’s definitely never felt like a privileged coaster. By Kevin E G Perry

It’s time we stopped glorifying Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

As Golden Globes host, Ricky Gervais has cultivated an insincere image of outrageous unpredictability, which the media has long helped inflame. When he returns to the show in 2020, we shouldn’t play along, writes Adam White

11 best turkeys for Christmas 2019: Whole, crown and stuffed

Top off your table with one of these tried and tested birds

Why isn’t the government enforcing buffer zones at abortion clinics?

The Home Office has said it will not introduce protest-free areas outside abortion clinics. Olivia Petter speaks to campaigners who say they should reconsider

Six key moments from Trump impeachment hearings

Two career diplomats are the first in a succession of witnesses

Royal Mail wins High Court injunction to stop potential postal strikes

Festive deliveries disruption averted after judge finds union subverted ballot and interfered with voting

Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin hits back at criticism of Brexit beermats

Company spent £95,000 on beer mats with political messaging on them