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Former Egyptian leader Morsi was ‘murdered’, says Erdogan

Turkey's president has accused Egyptian authorities of murdering former president Mohamed Morsi, who died after collapsing in court on Monday, and vowed to see them prosecuted in an international court.

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Passengers’ favourite airlines revealed in major global survey

Awards given for best low-cost airline, cleanest airline and best cabin crew

‘Work just one day a week’ for peak mental health benefits

Research comes amid concerns over technology forcing workers to reduce hours

Andrew Grice None of the Tory leadership candidates can deliver what they promise

It’s not just on Brexit that they’re overpromising, but also their pledges to cut taxes, a traditional Tory tune which will appeal to members but leave the winner with a big headache about how to deliver them

Tom Hanks, Annie Potts and Keanu Reeves on Toy Story 4

The cast and creators of the returning Pixar classic examine the legacy of an eternal franchise that has had its sexual politics updated in its latest outing. Clarisse Loughrey reports

Glowie: ‘I hated my body – it was just about feeling used’

The much-hyped Icelandic popstar talks to Alexandra Pollard about reclaiming her body after a sexual assault, her lifechanging ADHD diagnosis, and why she’s not going to be quiet anymore 

Boris Johnson dodges 'letterbox' question at Tory leadership debate

Former foreign secretary also claims his previous comments on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe ‘didn’ t make any difference’ to her case

UK housing market slows as prices fall in London and South East

Selling prices slump 1.2 per cent in capital while Wales sees 6.7 per cent surge

UK inflation falls to 2%, reducing chance of interest rate rise

A drop in transport costs including air fares pulls down consumer prices