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Let us march once more for a Final Say on Brexit

This game of political chicken is no way to make the most momentous peacetime decision in a generation

Even visa-free European holidays won’t make up for the Brexit shambles

Among other things, the end of free movement of labour means that the British will no longer be able to work in the EU, and vice versa, without permission

UK prisons are a home for self-harm – ending brief sentences may help

Maintaining order behind bars will always be a cat-and-mouse game – one where, from time to time, the authorities will lose

Corbyn will do no better than May when it comes to Brexit

May should start talking to the leader of the opposition. And he should concentrate on not appearing infuriatingly vague

It's no surprise the far right knows how to appeal to the middle class

What is perhaps most troubling is the way this new movement is targeting ambitious and clever young people with so much potential to contribute positively to our society and economy