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Is it time to introduce UK veal onto our menus?

Lizzie Rivera meets the farmers who are changing the face and reputation of this once controversial meat and asks if it can – or should – be done on a larger scale?

British supermarkets sign government pledge to halve food waste

Environment secretary Michael Gove says food waste is an 'environmental and economic scandal'

How chef Mark Hix got hooked on fishing

For himthe sea – no matter the weather – has always been calming, and continued to be a huge part of his life. Here he looks back at it's early influence on life and today

Farmer J, restaurant review: Where you can build your own brunch

There's a whole new meaning to BYOB now, and no, it doesn't involve bringing your own booze and corkage charges

Pret A Manger to launch limited-edition lobster roll

Latest addition to the food chain’s expanding menu

Bartenders find new way to make Ramos gin fizz

I like a Ramos when it’s perfectly made, but maybe more, I like the basic template: the spirit balanced with sour and sweet, the richness of cream and yes – I do love the pillowy cloud of foam, says M Carrie Allan

How Filipino food is finally finding its feet in the west

Now out of the shadows, Pinoy cuisine is enjoying its time in the sun, says Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinidad, who own a Filipino restaurant in New York and relish seeing non-Filipinos come into eat there