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We need to be eating kid meat, but how should it be farmed?

The goat dairy industry is linked to an appalling waste of life with thousands of billy goats killed just after birth, every year. Chefs and farmers are setting out to change that this Goatober. Lizzie Rivera investigates...

BrewDog launches controversial half beef, half vegan burger

'And the point of this creation is what exactly?'

How to cook with sourness

It's often a misconception when it comes to getting the balance right, but Mark Diacono's definitive book on the subject is here to guide you

Four ways to cook with aubergines in September

Best used for soaking up flavour, it can be grilled, fried, baked, stuffed and barbecued and is a great meat replacement

8 great Italian red wines

Terry Kirby rounds up eight great juicy, berry-packed bottles to suit those in the mood for something easygoing – and those looking for a dinner party glass-raiser

Lisbon restaurant roundup: Finding good food can be an uphill struggle

Pick a restaurant at random here and you are likely to be disappointed, says Ed Cumming. Hordes of tourists, not quite yet as bad as Rome, Venice and Prague, have all read the same listicles. But he finds some worthy places, once he’s made the trek