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The award-winning US chef with a delicious theory of change

Can restaurants really solve the climate crisis? The world’s top chefs are joining together to make gastronomy part of the solution...

Company faces criticism for naming beer after US nuclear test site

Marshall Island government representative says beer name is ‘unacceptable’

'Sardine' cookbook: Two Provençal fish recipes

Simple seasonal Provençal cooking has been made easy by Alex Jackson

5 ways to cook with seasonal sweetcorn this August

At its best from mid-August to mid-September, this hybridised version of maize is best eaten fresh, from cans or frozen before it becomes startchy

How to make green beans with crispy cornmeal shallots

Using seasonal veg is one of the most satisfying parts of summer cooking, and August is prime green bean month

The Compton Arms: Orwellian dream or nightmare?

Though the place may not retain the sleepy familiarity of yesteryear, Ed Cumming finds you can still enjoy good food and engage in the timeless nature of the pub

How to eat beef like the French do in Limoges

From her first travel book, Felicity Cloake tasks herself with her own Tour De France in search of the very best food the country has to offer. Here she finds how the French do steaks in the city famed for its farming and butchery