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Heather Martin Pop fiction’s Fab Four go on tour to fight Brexit’

Heather Martin is travelling around Europe with four heavyweights of British fiction, mobilised to discuss the unifying power of the written word

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Steven Cutts Going up? How a space elevator could become reality

It was first pondered as early as 1895 and has been a science fiction trope ever since. But, Steven Cutts asks, just how close are we to constructing a ladder to the heavens?

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Borzou Daragahi

In search of secrets and broader truths along the Bosphorus Strait

There are many things to be discovered along the Bosphorus – Russian warships among them. Borzou Daragahi joins camera-ready sleuthers determined to uncover government conspiracies along its waters

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James Moore Should horses risk their lives for our entertainment

Heavy rain may have put paid to yesterday’s card at Cheltenham, but it did serve as temporary respite for those animals forced to put their lives at risk. James Moore meets the people who are fed up with the rising number of horses dying over the jumps

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William Cook Rembrandt was a genius but it was no overnight success

His early work was 'feeble' and he wasn't even the best painter in his home town. But he possessed an incredible ability to depict complex emotions in his work. Perhaps, suggests William Cook, that is why Rembrandt took so long to get going