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Oliver Carroll Virus laws play into the hands of Russian autocracy

Moscow is the master of the secret state and Covid-19 is giving it free rein once more

Long Reads

Mick O’Hare How to tell the difference between fake news and science

‘The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it’ – Mick O’Hare tries to sift through the urban myths flooding the digital plane  

Long Reads
Jon Bloomfield

The Birmingham mosque fighting back against violent crime

From producing an award-winning documentary to using Friday prayers to address the issue of knife crime, one mosque is setting the standard for how communities can take a stand. Jon Bloomfield reports

Can death ever bring euphoria?

People suggest that there may be an endorphin rush just before someone dies. But we just don’t know, admits Seamus Coyle, as nobody has yet explored this possibility