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Did the British ever understand Europe?

The continent and its aspirations of unity were always outside the imagination of our island nation – and for that we can blame our own leaders, argues Bettina Schultz

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William Cook The National Museum of Scotland and Scottish internationalism

The £80m overhaul of the National Museum of Scotland has been completed at a critical time in Scotland’s history, William Cook writes

Do we need more working-class foreign correspondents?

A career in journalism is often beyond the reach of people from working-class backgrounds – a foreign correspondent role even more so. But does it matter?

Competition for a spot in baseball's Hall of Fame reaches fever pitch

Possession of a plaque establishes a player in the pantheon of the game’s greats, but getting into the hall is no easy matter and the decision process is shrouded in controversey, writes James Moore

The great leasehold hoax: When you buy a property, but it's not yours

People lucky enough to leave the rental market could find themselves in the leasehold ‘property trap’. Angry at living under feudal rules, this class of mortgaged renters want the homes they paid for, says Harry Scoffin