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William Cook 30years on, what does it mean to be German today?

What it was like growing up in the volatile nation? William Cook revisits old family haunts and talks to Germans about the changes that have taken place in the past three decades

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Rose Stokes What’s the environmental cost of a destination wedding?

For many of us, green is definitely the new black, but all that goes out the plane window when it comes to destination weddings. So why are they still so popular?

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David Lister

Laurence Myers: The man who signed rock’s biggest superstars

Laurence Myers: The man who signed rock and roll’s biggest superstars

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Paul Gosling Hitchhiking made me fall in love with Europe – to me, Brexit is tragic

After setting off almost 50 years ago to hitch a ride across the continent on a mission to visit all 28 EU nations, Paul Gosling has built his life and his family in Europe. Now Britain’s looming departure from the bloc has thrown him into an identity crisis

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Andy Martin The Swedish farmer who halved his emissions by ditching dairy for oats

Cutting out the ‘middle cow’ also allowed Adam Arnesson’s farm to produce more food for more people and become more profitable than ever before. But friends, family and other farmers weren’t always on board. A healthier planet, he tells Andy Martin, is made of small steps, not revolutions