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International graduates remaining in UK for work pay £3.2bn in tax

'It is an absolute tragedy that the UK has failed to keep up with other countries'

Children with ‘maths anxiety’ experience rage and despair, study finds

Teachers and parents may have contributed to pupils’ worries

Ontario set to ban pupils from using mobile phones in class

Government hopes ban will help distracted students focus on their learning

Boy with autism left with no school to go to for 12 months

‘It’s outrageous that any family should have to spend time and energy having to go this far’

Independent Minds
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Eleanor Busby What is happening with school place shortages?

Analysis: The problem is most acute in London and its surrounding counties, but why has nobody seen it coming? Eleanor Busby explains

School governors call on government to urgently increase funding

'A failure to invest in children now is a failure to give them the education they deserve'