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Why Blair Waldorf will always be the most stylish on-screen character

As fans prepare for a reboot of the glossy high school drama, we look back at  some of the preppy character's standout looks

Killing Kennedy: Rob Lowe to play assassinated American President JFK

American actor Rob Lowe will portray slain American President John F. Kennedy in a television movie.

Gossip Girl: Start spreading the news about a fresh batch of A-list

As Gossip Girl ends, fan Sarah Hughes assesses the star potential of its cast

The lure of the dark side for bright young things

Hollywood's new generation is tearing up the rulebook to mix mainstream movie appearances with deeper, more challenging indie fare. Tom Teodorczuk hears why

Gossip Girl franchise grows up

Once your books have become a cultural phenomenon, what do you do next? If you're Cecily von Ziegesar, author of the Gossip Girl franchise, the answer is – leave high school behind and graduate to college. Nor is that the only thing she's graduating to. Von Ziegesar's newest novel, Cum Laude, is being marketed not to a teen audience, but to adults.

A new term at Beverly Hills High

They're back. A second generation of rich, spoilt teenagers has taken up residence at zip code 90210, says Gerard Gilbert

It's Star Trek – but not as we know it

<i>Lost</i> creator's film version of cult sci-fi series features punch-ups, stripping &ndash; and Captain Kirk in a sex scene