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Shetland review: Douglas Henshall shines as TV's most northerly sleuth

Henshall seems almost weathered into the part, as if, like the hills and cairns around the windswept isles he serves, his mournful visage has been lashed by the North Sea for millennia

Channel 4’s 100 Vaginas: A powerful, essential documentary

Whatever the subject – menstruation, virginity, childbirth, sexual assault – this programme is, above all, honest. It should be introduced as compulsory viewing in schools

Ten Years of Turmoil shows Cameron was quite possibly our worst PM

Paints a vivid portrait of a leader showing no leadership, and explains how we ended up in such a mess over Europe

Violent revolution made episode five of Les Misérables come to life

There are spectacular aerial shots of rebels pouring through the streets of Paris, as the mounted cavalry, in scenes that echo last year’s Mike Leigh drama ‘Peterloo’, ride around slashing at protestors

The Good Place review: Subtle, cutting commentary on Trump’s America

A return to form for the Neflix sitcom starring Ted Danson

The ABC Murders, episode 3 review: A perfectly conventional conclusion

Ultimately, it is Agatha Christie’s mastery of byzantine plotting that elevates the BBC’s newest take on her work