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10 best men’s yoga kit so you can perfect every pose 

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Sorry Gisele, we can't all cure our mental illness with a downward dog

Bundchen’s comments imply that mental health recovery is a matter of willpower – when in reality, many of us need medication

The undocumented history of female yoga teachers in Britain

Yogini Sunita and Kailash Puri helped popularise yoga in the UK, but they kept their teachings unwritten, leaving their significance largely forgotten

Public give £46,000 to cyclist told to pay woman who walked into road

Robert Hazeldean ‘forever thankful’ to the more than 3,000 people helping him avoid bankruptcy

Britney Spears does two hours of yoga each day

The pop star does it to avoid going 'stir-crazy' while on tour 

Welsh church bans yoga because it's a ‘non-Christian’ activity

Bishop calls on church council to reconsider its decision after residents threaten boycott