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12 places you won’t believe are in England

Provence or Gloucestershire? Cornwall or the Med? Here are England’s most beautiful backdrops

The rebirth of Berlin’s Tempelhof airport

Seventy years after the airlift, Berlin’s iconic airport is being reimagined as a creative district. Lara Brunt delves into its history and looks to what the future has in store

California could ban mini hotel toiletries

The state is considering ways to reduce plastic waste

The world’s best ‘woke’ hotels to get your next self-improvement fix

Luxury with a side of self-actualisation? Meet the new brand of digs shaking up the hotel industry

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The ultimate guide to Zurich

Forget finance – there’s far more to this Swiss metropolis

Ultimate guide to Budapest

How to take the ultimate trip

Why you should visit Jersey in winter

Shun the August crowds – an off-season visit to the biggest Channel Island means crisp beach walks and blissful solitude, says Helen Coffey

Finding the secret to Danish happiness on a Copenhagen city break

No one does ‘lykke’ quite like the Danes, says Rachel Hosie

Bauhaus at 100: The best places to explore the German design movement

Bauhaus architecture, characterised by its form-follows-function principles, celebrates 100 years this year. Daniel Pembrey rounds up the best Bauhaus cities in Germany and beyond