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Johnson says no-deal Brexit is ‘touch and go’

Follow the latest updates from meeting of world leaders in Biarritz, France

How 'red flag' laws could help stop American mass shootings

Since the shooting in Parkland, Florida, over a dozen states have passed ‘red flag’ laws. Since the recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio they are being more widely seen as a way of preventing more tragedies

Trump weighs in on Hong Kong to gain leverage in China trade talks

Deal would be hard to reach ‘if it’s another Tiananmen Square’, US president says

Journalist stopped by US border agent 'for being part of 'fake news'

'The malignant affect this presidency has had ... is absolutely chilling,' James Dyer says

Parkland students unveil gun violence prevention plan

The plan calls for sweeping legislation, and hopes for bipartisan support

Is Obama the real reason Trump cancelled his Denmark trip?

Former US President Barack Obama plans to visit Denmark in September. An unflattering contrast with an Obama visit unquestionably would be something Trump wants to avoid

Trump admin 'to hold migrant families in detention indefinitely'

US government also says it will not vaccinate detained families ahead of flu season