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Trump condemns Navy captain fired over coronavirus letter

'I thought it was terrible what he did... this isn’t a class on literature,' president grumbles after Brett Crozier from USS Theodore Roosevelt took the US Navy to task for inaction

Trump nominates Kavanaugh and McConnell protégé to powerful DC court

Federal District Court Judge Justin Thomas, 37, is a family friend of the Senate majority leader and clerked for the polarising Supreme Court justice

Melania Trump says to wear masks but president 'choosing not to'

CDC now recommends people wear cloth or fabric masks in public

Most Americans won't get coronavirus stimulus checks for weeks

Memo circulated by House Ways and Means Committee outlines logistical hurdles to get Americans their checks of up to $1,200

Senator sold more stocks after coronavirus briefing than earlier known

Freshman GOP senator shed $18.7m in stock in trading company where her husband is CEO after publicly assuring Americans economy was 'strong' and job numbers were 'growing'