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Trump fails to eat anything from vegetarian menu on India trip

Chef's effort to tempt president with unorthodox broccoli samosas prompts outrage from locals

McDonald’s NZ McVeggie burger ‘may not be suitable for vegetarians'

'We know there will be vegetarians that are disappointed this isn't a vegetarian product,' says McDonald's spokesperson

Vegan and vegetarian alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving meal

Who said Thanksgiving had to be an exclusively turkey-eating affair?

Campaigners oppose EU proposal for 'veggie discs'

‘To implement these changes now would actually create confusion rather than alleviate it’

Sir Paul McCartney celebrates Meat Free Monday 10th anniversary

‘We love it, the planet loves it, everybody loves it’

Vegans hurt their case by being too extreme

Shunning food which you consider harms animals is a personal choice – not one I would adopt, but let's agree to disagree