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UK's first vegan hotel will open next month

'We want to show people that veganism isn't just a compassionate, ethical choice; it's also an exciting, vibrant way of life'

Low carb diets shorten your life 'unless you are mostly vegetarian'

Large scale study debunks 'cult of low carb' and shows moderate intake gives best chance of a long life but type of proteins and fats make big difference

A 'bleeding' vegan burger is on sale at Honest Burger

The fake-meat burger is on sale at . Honest Burger in Kings Cross from Tuesday July 10 and in Tesco later in the summer

The people bringing vegetarianism to the meat obsessed Caribbean

Emma Henderson takes a cruise of the Caribbean with Thomson Cruises and discovers that the islands have one of the highest rates of meat eaters in the world. But she finds one farming family who are bucking the trend, running yoga classes and eating the fruit of the magical moringa tree

OXO's seasonal vegetarian menu with riverfront views

A vegetarian-only menu may not sound appealing to everyone, even the most dedicated carnivore will find something to love on OXO’s menu