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Japan's economy on brink of recession after shrinking 6.3%

Tourism industry set to take further hit from coronavirus, adding to impact of higher sales tax and damage from typhoon, experts warn

Coronavirus: Hundreds of Americans quarantined on Japan cruise ship

Those on board face a total of two weeks in quarantine after nine passengers and one crew member were taken ashore to hospital

Fact check: How true are Trump's boasts on the economy?

Once again the president trumpeted his supposed economic accomplishments – but his claims are not all they seem

Fears grow over Chinese virus as authorities target ‘superspreaders’

Australia among countries around world to introduce new screening measures after China confirmed human-to-human transmission

Japan to form space defence unit to counter threats against satellites

New unit will work closely with recently launched American counterpart

Japanese activists submit new petition to ban ‘sexist’ dress codes

'You might think this is nothing, but the fact is that some peoples’ lives have been changed because of these rules,' activist Yumi Ishikawa says

North Korea threatens to give US a 'Christmas gift' in nuclear row

Pyongyang pushing for sanctions concessions before end of year