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Women outperform men after Japan medical school stops rigging scores

University dean previously said ‘women mature faster mentally than men’

Retired Japanese government official ‘admits stabbing son to death’

Media reports father worried offspring might commit atrocity similar to recent attack on schoolchildren at Tokyo bus stop

Four countries make joint naval show of force in South China Sea

Naval exercises come amid tense trade negotiations between China and Washington

Two children killed after car ploughs into nursery group

Two female drivers, aged 62 and 52, arrested for alleged negligence, police say

Japan to pay compensation to people sterilised under eugenics law

State sterilised 25,000 people with learning difficulties, physical disabilities or mental illness between 1948 and 1996

Scientists ‘one step closer’ to bringing back woolly mammoths

Cells extracted from carcass of frozen mammoth injected into mouse tissues