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Make climate fight 'sexy' and 'fun', says Japan's environment minister

Japan has taken little action on climate change, and its continued use of coal and promotion of coal use in other nations has been widely condemned

Cashier ‘stole credit card details with photographic memory’

Part-time worker led police to his own front door after allegedly ordering fraudulently-bought items to his home address

US man sues Japanese government for denying him visa to see husband

Foreign nationals married to Japanese people in heterosexual marriages are granted long-term residence status upon arrival in Japan, but those in same-sex marriages are not.

'Monkey fighters' armed with guns defend village from primates

Volunteers provided with pellet-loaded pistols – and matching hats – to strike back against thieving primates

The ethics of creating human-animal hybrids for organ donation

The waters of morality become murky when considering whether an animal with human parts is entitled to certain rights

Trump given colourful map to understand Japanese investment in US

‘Kudos to Japan, they figured out how best to interact with a toddler. So sad’

Merkel rejects speculation about shaking episodes

German chancellor responds to questions about her health at G20 Summit