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How kids are raised is less important than you think, expert claims

‘I’m not saying you can’t change kids’ behaviour, but you’re not changing the kid’s personality,' says Robert Plomin

The women who pioneered the use of DNA websites to unlock cold cases

In the hands of an advanced genealogical sleuth, often all that is needed to identify someone from a drop of saliva, blood or semen are the DNA profiles of two third cousins. By Heather Murphy

Rare Neanderthal DNA gives some people differently shaped brains

Interbreeding with ancient humans means ancient genetic fragments still shaping heads of some Europeans

Scientists reveal how redheads inherit their ginger locks

It was previously believed that a single gene determined whether or not a person would inherit ginger hair

Cancer gene map paves way for new treatments

Atlas of 11,000 patient's tumours across 33 different cancer types will improve treatment and new research

Attending grammar school may not boost chance of good GCSE grades

'There appears to be little added benefit to pupils' educational achievements from attending selective schools'

How scientists are deciding the future of humanity

Scientists in Britain are embarking on work that could decide the future of humanity, whether the world is ready or not

How genetics could help future learners unlock hidden potential

Educational genomics could mean bespoke curriculums can be created based on a pupil’s DNA