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best cordless drills and drivers that will take the drama out of DIY

Whether it’s a wonky shelf or a day of decking – here are the tools that will easily get the job done

Law could be changed to allow fracking below houses without owners’

Ministers are reportedly reviewing laws that would allow fracking to be carried out underneath houses without the permission of the owners.

Festival No.6 asks... Wire

Post-punk titans Wire discuss their art and influences ahead of this year's Festival No. 6.

Hundreds converge on Balcombe as fracking protests continue

Protesters have vowed to continue after Caudrilla announces plans to scale back their operation

How Sarah Palin's road trip turned into a car crash

The release of thousands of emails from her time in office caps an uncomfortable week for the Tea Party star

Bill Clements: Oilman and politician who broke the Democrat

The truly distinguishing feature of Bill Clements was not his outsize Texas personality – complete with a rags-to-riches ascent from oil-patch roughnecker to powerhouse industrialist, a straight-shooting and often acerbic style, and a blithe indifference to what lesser men might consider gaffes. It was that he transformed the politics of the second most populous state in the union, eclipsed today in presidential electoral votes only by California.

A little gem cast adrift in the North Atlantic

Walk of the Month: Lewis, most northerly of the Outer Hebrides, has some of the best coastal views in Britain. Mark Rowe had an eyeful

Fantastic Mr Fox: foxgloves and other biennials

It's prime time for the flowers in Anna Pavord's garden but one of her favourites is still the plain old foxglove, a colourful interloper that will always be wild at heart