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Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady is the Associate Editor of the Independent. He writes editorials, columns about politics and economics, and reviews, including television and cars. He has worked for our titles since 1998, and before that enjoyed a varied career in parliament, the City and at the BBC. His byline has appeared in every section of the publication. He drives a Skoda Octavia and lives in an unfashionable district of south London.

Car review: Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian X – lacking in thrills

Mitsubishi’s venerable pick-up is a British staple for a reason – it’s impressive off-road and tax efficient to boot. But does it offer enough to rise above the competition, asks Sean O’Grady 

How young drivers are put under pressure to take selfies at the wheel

It is probably true that younger drivers have always been more reckless than their parents and grandparents, though there is no age limit on stupidity on the road. Perhaps, though, in the past cars were less powerful and the roads a little quieter, so they may not have had such opportunities to hurt themselves and others. Then again, car is also much safer nowadays. In any case, every generation finds new ways to cause trouble for itself.

The TV shows to watch this week: From Jade Goody to Dragon’s Den

The late reality TV star’s brief but turbulent story prefigures so much of what we are now going through

Jeremy Corbyn has called Boris Johnson’s bluff

Labour is playing a shrewd game in dragging the civil service and the Queen into this argument

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