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Sean O'Grady

Sean O'Grady is the Associate Editor of the Independent. He writes editorials, columns about politics and economics, and reviews, including television and cars. He has worked for our titles since 1998, and before that enjoyed a varied career in parliament, the City and at the BBC. His byline has appeared in every section of the publication. He drives a Skoda Octavia and lives in an unfashionable district of south London.
Politics explained

Sean O'Grady How Johnson could face one more defeat over Brexit

Many peers in the House of Lords are pushing to bring back the Dubs amendment on child refugees in the EU Withdrawal Bill, writes Sean O'Grady

Editor’s letters

Sean O'Grady Hot mic moments like Sanders and Warren’s are important

When confronted with a story as priceless as the Sanders-Warren spat, the journalistic instinct happily coincides with the public interest

To Infiniti and beyond: winners and losers in the new car market

Ford’s crown sits precariously on the head of the market leader, as 2019 saw budget rivals increase their appeal. However, warns Sean O’Grady, a rocky 12 months is not going to see fortunes improved as Brexit rears its ugly head

Politics explained

Sean O'Grady Boris Johnson’s real battle with the EU is only just beginning

The prime minister has got MPs to back him – but his next test, on a trade deal, will be even tougher, writes Sean O'Grady