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Ibrahim Salha

@ibzo @ibzo
Ibrahim Salha is The Independent’s Head of Audience. Primarily tasked with making sure our journalism is read as widely as possible, his responsibilities include – but are not limited to – SEO, social media and editorial analytics. Ibrahim also writes restaurant reviews for IndyEats.

Manchester: The home of vegetarianism and food halls

Michelin awarded the city its first star in 40 years, it’s got more worthy cafes than you can shake a stick at, and is now welcoming famous chefs for new openings, too. Ibrahim Salha pays a visit

Why Cardiff should be considered one of our brightest and best cities

Ibrahim Salha finds more than he bargained for in the Welsh capital and thinks there's a new contender for its nickname

I had laser eye surgery and here's how it went

I can confidently say that ReLEx SMILE wasn’t as scary or as painful as I imagined