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Bitcoin price hit by dramatic fluctuations amid coronavirus panic

'This is the first time the world has faced an economic crisis when there has been an alternative financial system,' one analyst says

Is bitcoin benefiting from coronavirus?

Cryptocurrency's price rises by nearly a third amid series of global crises. But correlation does not necessarily imply causation

Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency continues to crumble as Vodafone quit

 Mastercard, PayPal, and Visa have already quit the digital currency

Bitcoin will see huge gains in coming days if 'Death Cross' is avoided

Quantum supremacy reports sent cryptocurrency into nosedive before Chinese interest triggered dramatic recovery

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James Moore How Facebook’s cryptocurrency could actually help the public

If the project collapses under the weight of its contradictions it would at least show Mark Zuckerberg that there are limits to his disruptive power, writes James Moore

Senator accuses Facebook of ‘flagrant displays of bulls***'

US Senators attacked the social media giant's plans to launch its own Libra cryptocurrency

Bitcoin price dips towards $10,000 but McAfee stands by his $1m bet

The rogue tech figure made a high-stakes gamble on the future value of btc