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Travel questions

Simon Calder Will insurance cover a coronavirus cancellation?

Simon Calder answers your questions on travel amid the outbreak, all-inclusive trips, and shelling out for extra legroom and seats with your group

Travel questions

Simon Calder Is Ukraine International Airlines safe to travel with?

Simon Calder answers your questions concerning the Ukranian plane crash in Iran, extra legroom, entry to China and the 2026 World Cup

Long Reads

Joel Day How cycling around the world taught Geordie Stewart to go slow

Eight years after becoming the youngest Briton to conquer the seven summits, Geordie Stewart has added another feather to his hat. From escaping police in Xinjiang to freezing temperatures in Siberia, the adventurer tells Joel Day what he learnt from his solo cycling trip around the world

Barcelona hotels: The best places to stay

The most stylish hotels in the Spanish city

British Airways incorrectly told passengers flights were cancelled

Airline apologises for ‘confusion and inconvenience’ caused

Travelling the world in 2050: From flight rationing to helium airships

More than a century since humans learnt to fly, we need to revolutionise how we stay up there

10 best inflight accessories to keep you entertained and comfortable

Bored of the selection of films? Get out your Kindle. Need to sleep and but can’t because of the noise? You need noise cancelling headphones. Here’s our essentials to ensure travel is made easier