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How have the UK's ports been left so poorly prepared for Brexit?

Department for Transport under fresh scrutiny over botched plans to avert chaos at the border after 29 March

Are there alternatives to the Irish backstop in the Brexit plan?

The Irish backstop has created major problems for the prime minister in trying to get her Brexit deal through parliament - Catherine Barnard and Georges Baur have taken a look at some of the alternative options 

A View from the Top with insurance boss Amanda Blanc

The Zurich exec tells Martin Friel that more diversity would benefit the insurance industry – but pushes back against the perception that the market is an old boys’ club

Airbnb contributes to poverty, poor housing market

There are no rules regulating Airbnb and companies like it, allowing the company to upend local markets, push prices skyward and contribute to poverty, writes Mariana Valverde 

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Maggie Pagano A View From the Top: Peter Simpson of Anglian Water

The utility company’s boss on responsible business and Labour's plans to nationalise the water industry. Maggie Pagano reports

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Chris Blackhurst Barrow should stop moaning and play to its strengths

Barrovians are a proud lot, Chris Blackhurst admits, and Bill Bryson's depiction of their hometown has not gone down well

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Zlata Rodionova The period-positive start-ups revolutionising the fem-care industry

After decades of little innovation, a flurry of forward-thinking start-ups are trying to win a slice of the market by taking an aim at Tampax