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Michelle Rodriguez claims Liam Neeson can't be racist

Neeson's 'Widows' co-star defended him while speaking on the red carpet at an event in New York

What you need to know about Liam Neeson amid the ongoing race row

The Oscar-nominated actor, who reinvented himself as an action hero in the Noughties, has made several problematic remarks this decade. Alexandra Pollard looks back over his career and wonders whether his fearless pensioner shtick will continue to be received so warmly

Steve McQueen to follow 12 Years a Slave with female-led heist film

He'll co-write the project with Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn

Why ‘intersectionality’ is the one word we should remember from 2015

'White liberal feminism has the ability to disempower - and marginalise - those whose experiences fall out of the non-normative experiences of their identity,' argues one writer