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9 best plastic-free Easter eggs that are easy to recycle

As little as just a third of the entire weight of the product was only chocolate

Why I'm cutting down on plastic packaging

Convenient online shopping is not just breaking the bank, the amount of packaging is obscene, says Emma Henderson

Science’s problem with microplastics

Researchers use single-use plastic products like pipettes and minifigs daily, contributing to pollution that won’t break down for centuries, writes Alice Bell

Indonesia to send ‘contaminated’ waste back to West

It must go back to its country of origin within 90 days

Microplastics stunt growth of worms, study finds

Worms increase soil nutrients and inhibiting their work would seriously damage overall biodiversity

Glastonbury to ban sale of single-use plastic bottles for first time

‘It's paramount for our planet that we all reduce our plastic consumption’

10 best brands turning recycled plastic bottles into clothes

Our single use plastic habit has to stop. And although recycling is not the answer, repurposing one of the worst offenders into a new item keeps bottles from landfill