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Long Reads

Borzou Daragahi Aids activists lead fight against corruption across eastern Europe

The people of Ukraine can’t wait for health reforms – they are dying. Borzou Daragahi talks to the people who are weeding out corruption and changing the way medicine is managed

Corruption expert professor accused of laundering $2.5 million

Professor took 10 per cent commission from scheme, reports say

Mexican general disappears while on trial for corruption

Case viewed as litmus test for president’s vow to crack down on governmental ‘mafia of power’

Ukraine president opens applications for ‘highly moral’ candidates

Party officials may use lie detectors to test candidate's honesty in application process

Brexit could push UK firms into 'greater contact with corrupt markets'

National Crime Agency sends secret report detailing 'countries of concern' to government

Former Malaysian PM charged with corruption over '£3.4bn fraud'

Najib pleads not guilty to four counts of corruption, each carrying potential prison sentences of 20 years

Former Malaysian prime minister arrested in $4.5bn embezzlement probe

Alleged crime described as biggest corruption scandal in country's history