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Why do the likes of Holby City keep killing gays for sport?

I have an awful, sinking feeling that contemporary television might be inching back in time and ideas

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James Moore The NFL Draft is largely mundane, yet fans can’t look away

Last year, the NFL college draft drew in record ratings from American audiences. James Moore explains why fans spend hours watching the three-day event in which the action is over in a matter of seconds

Gents, thanks for your opinion on Fleabag, but now please rein it in

I have fallen asleep during every Jason Bourne film ever, but I don’t feel the need to take to Twitter and insist they’re rubbish

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Television will be revolutionised: TV is more representative than ever

More reflective of society than it has ever been, British television is, says Sean O'Grady, going through its own evolution and producing some of its finest programmes

Everything that's leaving Netflix in April

Another month, another last chance to catch some of your favourite TV shows and films on Netflix.