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Snap poll gives Johnson 52-48 victory in TV debate with Corbyn

Leaders trade blows over Brexit, economy, the NHS and racism – but neither lands a killer punch

The best TVs for binge-watching, according to Netflix

Streaming service requires TVs to meet at least five of seven criteria

Samsung unveils perhaps most luxury TV ever made

Vast screen is probably most extravagant television ever made

Why you should be glad if your kid starts talking like Peppa Pig

When I was in America as a child, I sounded completely American. Now I sound like Felicity Kendal

Seth MacFarlane admits he's 'embarrassed' to work for Fox

The 'Family Guy' creator lashed out at the company on Twitter

What it's like to watch Love Island with your teenage daughter

‘Love Island’ virgin David Barnett sits down to watch the new series of the televised ‘Club 18-30’ holiday with his teenage daughter, and can’t help but ask, where have the days of watching ‘Dora the Explorer’ gone?