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12 best women’s ski and snowboard jackets to face the elements with

If you’re heading off to colder climes this winter, make sure you invest in a worthy piece of outerwear

Shaun White sparks American backlash for letting US flag touch snow

'I definitely didn’t mean any disrespect. The flag that’s flying on my house right now is way up there. So sorry for that,' says three-time Olympic gold medallist

White ‘truly sorry’ for calling sexual misconduct allegations ‘gossip’

The three-time Olympic gold medallist dismissed questions about a lawsuit that was filed against him in 2016 but has since said that he is 'truly sorry' for his comments

Ski news: Snow forecast is looking good for Sochi

The number of Brits planning to go to Sochi in Russia for the Winter Olympics in three weeks' time will be minimal. Apart from the usual Russian visa requirements, flights are limited, a special "spectator pass" is required in a bid to combat security threats and prices for accommodation and the top events are very expensive.

Downton Abbey: 'Sorry ma'am, the butler's out snowboarding!'

Continuity errors, anachronisms, gaffes, and plain clangers can't halt the rise of period drama

Austria: The joys of going flat out

Cross-country skiing offers an eye-opening alternative to the downhill variety.