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‘Prison is a loudspeaker’: Catalan activists vow to keep up fight

Separatist activists maintaining campaign of non-violent protest, including turning themselves in at police stations to overwhelm system

Are heatwaves now the norm?

Europe has seen record temperatures this week causing roads to melt and schools to close. Is this what’s in store in years to come?

Spain is so hot a ‘heap of manure self-combusted, triggering wildfire'

Officials warn more 'significant' blazes could break out with temperatures set to reach 45C

Catalonia should be independent state inside EU, exiled leader says

Region 'has a clear desire to be part of European project as we feel profoundly involved,' 


Anu Shukla Barcelona’s ‘alternative community’ rallies round to shelter refugees

The city’s solidarity networks are gathering to demand asylum rights for refugees after helping to slam the brakes on evictions from a prominent city squat, as Anu Shukla reports

Carles Puigdemont set to be named Catalonia president in exile

The deal hangs on whether Mr Puigdemont can legally become president by videolink

Outcry grows over use of Spanish prison to house migrants

Algerian authorities to open investigation into death of Mohamed B, 36, with incident emblematic of a deeper crisis in who Spain deals with refugees and migrants