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20 best online lingerie shops

Online stores offer a greater range of sizes and styles

I'm a Celebrity 2013: TOWIE's Joey Essex defeats Matthew Wright in

Chat show host Matthew Wright ended up empty-handed despite forcing down a five-course meal of jungle critters and exotic animals in tonight's I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!.

Far from Bad Romance: Lady Gaga and Dot Cotton strike up friendship on

The unlikely pair hit it off as guests on the Friday night show

Page 3 Profile: Theo Paphitis, retail magnate

Has he, God forbid, actually decided to invest in something?

Gaultier curries favour with an Indian-inspired feast

Jean Paul Gaultier isn't known for being a wallflower. That may be the reason he shunned this week's obsession with flora and fauna and looked to a spicier inspiration for his couture collection shown in Paris.

Copa America: Brazil squad preview

Our run down of the teams involved in the 2011 Copa America, which kicks off on July 1, continues with a closer look at Brazil.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: How does dressing like a 'slut' help protect

Pioneering feminists have lost their compasses. It is a shameful abdication of the responsibility they took on as torchbearers for women's rights