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Harriet Hall

Lifestyle Editor

@Harri_Grace @harri.grace

Harriet Hall is an award-winning journalist and the Lifestyle Editor of The Independent, where she covers women, fashion and culture and writes a weekly feminist column for the comment desk. Her book ‘She: A Celebration of 100 Renegade Women’ is out now.

UK Bank Holidays 2020: How many days off British people get this year

It's never too soon to start planning those all-important days off. Calendars at the ready

From ‘modernising the monarchy’ to walking away – how it happened

From the outside, it looked like a life of privilege and perfect romance. But the expectations placed on Harry and Meghan's shoulders were impossible to live up to, explain Sophie Gallagher and Harriet Hall

Marie Kondo has inspired me to declutter my social media feeds

Between the naked selfies and organic bowl food, we now scroll past videos of sparkling U-bends cleaned by women whose husbands are presumably out at work

Catherine Dorion’s hoodie is global statement of rebellion

First created for workmen in the 1920s, and eventually adopted by skaters and graffiti artists who wanted to work undetected, the hoodie became an urban symbol that united disenfranchised subcultures. The Canadian politician is not the first public figure to be criticised for sporting it at work