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Ashley Cowburn

Political Correspondent

Ashley Cowburn is a Political Correspondent for The Independent, based in Westminster – a position he has held since the week before the political earthquake of the 2016 European Union referendum. In 2019 he was a winner at the '30 To Watch: Young Journalist Awards' and before joining The Independent he won the prestigious Anthony Howard Award.

Majority of ethnic minority MPs 'experienced racism at Westminster'

Labour MP Dawn Butler says she was once escorted out of the members' tea room by security

Trump official issues veiled threat to Johnson over Huawei 5G decision

‘Any nation who chooses to use an untrustworthy 5G vendor will jeopardise our ability to share intelligence and information at the highest level,’ says US ambassador to Germany

PM to plough £5bn into bus services after years of austerity cuts

Labour says investment is ‘nowhere near enough to make the difference transport users need’

PM’s ‘ludicrous’ plan for bridge to Northern Ireland attacked

Boris Johnson’s spokesman said government officials have begun a “proper piece of work” examining the potential for a bridge linking Scotland and Northern Ireland. The proposal was immediately criticised as “ludicrous”, “crazy” and “a vanity project” by opposition politicians.