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Windrush draft 'branding Home Office racist was watered down'

'The victims' nationality and rights were denied because of the colour of their skin,' says Labour MP David Lammy

There’s a duty of care in how our celebrity role models are chosen

Cultural gatekeepers, including the editors of popular magazines, play an important role in how our celebrity role models are chosen, and it’s a duty that must be undertaken with care

Former Labour health secretary Frank Dobson dies, aged 79

Ex-MP for Holborn and St Pancras praised for sense of humour and commitment to health

Farage backs down and says Brexit Party will not fight Tory-held seats

Announcement represents boost for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, removing risk of losing Tory seats by splitting Leave vote in 12 December general election

Trump to make state visit to UK in June, palace announces

President’s arrival in July last year saw an estimated 250,000 people join a protest march through London

Brexit supporter jailed for sending MPs death threats and racist abuse

Jarod Kirkman tells police he was ‘just being a stupid idiot over Brexit’

UK 'to be worse off and wages to fall' under every Brexit scenario

Wages are expected to be 2.7 per cent lower – despite Brexiteer claims cutting EU migration would allow pay to go up

Sajid Javid defends 'Asian paedophile' comments

'The sad truth is that if you look at recent high-profile convictions of gang-based child exploitation there is a majority of people that come from Pakistani heritage backgrounds - that's plain for everyone to see'