Phone-repair-shop owners were surely jumping for joy when Apple announced that its iPhone 8 and 8 Plus handsets would feature glass, front and back. Even though Apple says it’s its most durable glass ever, there’s no telling when your phone might decide to make a break for freedom from your hand – especially with the plus-size handsets. That’s why you need to ensure your case is drop-tested and offers up as much scratch protection as possible.

However, it’s not all about having a covering that can take everything you throw at it – or rather everything it’s thrown at. You also need to consider whether the case has an ergonomic profile that won’t turn your sleek new iPhone into a brick and will either enhance or, at the very least, not impede on the decade of industrial design that went into making it. We’ve selected the best options available to ensure that your device is ready for life on the go. 

1. Tech 21 Evo Wallet: $49.95, Tech21 

This has all the usual benefits of a folio case (360-degree protection and two hidden pockets for cards or folding cash). It sidesteps, however, the usual folio fail: easy access to the phone when a call is coming in. The catch is quick-release and the cover folds back all the way behind the phone so that you can pick up and talk without missing a beat. The slim profile doesn’t add bulk and the cover’s hinge is flexible enough to avoid the cracking that can happen on repeated use in many folios. For a folio, it has an impressive three metres of drop protection and is available for both phones in black, pink and a pale rose gold.

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2. Otterbox Defender: from $59.45, Amazon

The Defender series offers total coverage for both phones with a touchscreen cover for the front. This doesn’t affect the facial recognition feature or interfere with the home button for touch ID. A hard-wearing rear includes a cutout for the Apple logo and rubberised edging to ensure your phone will be in perfect nick even when it’s dropped from two metres. The Defender also adds extra functionality by coming with a snap-on holster, which can be used as a kickstand or belt clip and is available in solid black or three two-tone colour schemes.

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3. Lifeproof Fre: from $49.93, Amazon

If your plan is to use the upgraded camera features of your 8 or 8 Plus to record evidence of your extreme adventures, then you should consider paying extra for this fully enclosed case which will shield it from the elements. It upgrades the waterproof rating of the 8 and 8 Plus, which can be dunked in one metre of water for 30 minutes, to two metres for one hour. A built-in screen guard keeps the display scratch-free (and facial recognition friendly) and it’s drop proof to two metres. Available to pre-order in three colours.

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4. X-Doria Defense Lux: $34.95, Amazon

This casing adds an industrial look while upgrading the iPhone’s everyday resilience by keeping it totally protected even if it’s fumbled from three metres. That shouldn’t be a problem anyway as the metal perimeter is good for grip and there are three cases to choose from, each featuring a palm panel made from a different material (carbon, leather and nylon), which makes them very comfortable in your hand.

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5. Speck Presidio Clear: from $28.14, Amazon

This is a case for those who don’t want to spoil all the hard work that went into making the phones look so good in the first place. The minimalist, scratch-resistant, casing won’t obscure any of the stand-out design features and will show off the phones’ factory finish without compromising on protection. The case is drop-tested to 2.4 metres as well as having edges that stand proud enough to protect the screen from further scratching when it’s resting facedown or from shattering if you frisbee it across the room.

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6. Logitech Hinge Case: $49.95, Apple

Made for the iPhone 7 range, this folio case, with a hard-wearing, water-resistant, outer shell, also fits the 8 and 8 Plus. It has wallet-style storage for cards and cash inside but that’s not where the functionality ends as the case has a joint that will hold the phone in any position within a 50-degree angle – more than enough  to view the screen comfortably whether you’re sat up or laying down.

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7. Nodus shell case: $65.63, Amazon

This tactile offering, available in four vegetable-tanned leather colourings, gives good grip on the phone to back up the shock-absorbing inner casing. It also comes with a magnetic tile, called a “micro dock”, which you can attach to any surface to secure iPhone in place in either portrait or landscape. Think reading maps in-car or that cookery app in the kitchen.

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8. Apple silicone case: $39, Apple

Apple’s screenless case offers a very slim profile, which complements its new products with a single block of colour on the back while improving grip thanks to the silicone covering. As you would expect, Apple has also made sure that you’re able to charge the phone with the case still on and there is a choice of nine different colours. 

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9. Griffin Survivor Strong: $29.99 Griffin

For a cover that offers up an impressive 2.1 metres of drop protection onto concrete this is extremely lightweight and won’t weigh your hand down on a call. It offers a raised profile around the phone’s edge to protect the screen and the case is still responsive when it comes to pushing the volume buttons and the ring/silent switch.

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10. Lifeproof Slam: $57, Lifeproof

This is a minimalist, screenless, case, which adds a shock of colour to the perimeter of whichever phone you’re rocking. The case feels solid once the phone is snapped in place and makes the contents drop-proof for up to two metres. A raised lip not only protects the screen well on flat surfaces but also creates a really tight seal between the phone and the case so dust and mini-debris can’t creep inside. Available for pre-order in three perimeter colours.   

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The Verdict

It’s not often that a folio case is able to boast three metres of drop protection but the Tech 21 Evo Wallet does just that as well as offering up excellent day-to-day functionality all wrapped up in a well-designed outer shell – and for a reasonable price. The luxurious leather and innovative magnetic docking of the Nodus Shell Case also enhances the phones’ usability.

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