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Driver films cars and lorries skidding into deadly motorway crash

Motorists urged to remain home as heavy snow continues 

May suffers embarrassing defeat as Tories rebel over no-deal Brexit

Theresa May’s Brexit plans have been dealt a body blow following a “fiasco” in the House of Commons, which saw dozens of Tories inflict an embarrassing defeat on their leader.

Tommy Robinson boasts about scoring drugs in newly emerged video

Bizarre footage shows EDL founder using racial slur and saying he had to call to 'Benjamin Netanf***ing blah'

Trump will declare national emergency after failing to secure funding

Donald Trump will declare a national emergency to build a wall along the southern US border after failing to secure funding for the measure through Congress.

'Crazy turbulence' leaves passengers injured as plane nosedives twice

Plane forced to make emergency landing in stormy weather

Remain-voting drag queen interviews Brexiteer dad

We asked the pair to sit down and discuss their views on Britain's EU departure

Trump declares national emergency as he signs border security bill

'We will have a national emergency, and we will then be sued,' president says while signing government funding bill

Tory Brexiteer finally admits he was wrong over Marshall Plan tweet

Academics, historians and school children were among those who pointed out his Tweet saying UK got no financial help was inaccurate

What is the blood moon and how can you see it?

Science correspondent Josh Gabbatiss explains the phenomenon that won't be visible again until 2021

Video explainer: How the Acosta video was doctored

The question of who edited the footage remains a mystery

What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

'Ethereum is already lightyears ahead of bitcoin in everything but price,' one analyst says