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8 summer red wines for chilling

Many rouge wines don’t match the lighter food of summer, but Terry Kirby says, chilling reds in warm weather helps to sharpen flavours and preserve structure of the wine. So take his advice on which ones actually can go in the fridge

8 white wines to drink in the heatwave

Been hot, hasn’t it? How many times over the past week have you opened the fridge to reach for that ice-cold bottle, glistening with sudden condensation as you plonk it on the table?

Eight wines from Madeira

Known as one of the world’s most distinctive wines, Terry Kirby says swap it for your sherry this Christmas and, if you don't finish it this year, it will last until the next, and many more to come too

Eight red wines for late autumn to keep you going until Christmas

Bridging the gap between mid-November and the looing C word, Terry Kirby selects good value reds from around the world to keep us going

The best five wines for Valentine's Day

Nuria Stylianou chooses the colour of love… pink fizz and red wine