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Disabled passengers ‘humiliated’ when travelling through UK airports

Which? survey reveals travellers with reduced mobility are ‘robbed of their dignity’ when flying continues to ‘mislead’ customers, says Which?

Site still using unscrupulous pressure selling tactics

Poorer areas worst hit by free ATMs disappearing, report finds

‘People in more deprived communities tend to rely heavily on cash,' say researchers

Which? claims flood of fake five star reviews on Amazon

If correct the organisation, which offers professional reviews to subscribers, has raised a serious issue. Shoppers rely online reviews and maybe they shouldn't

Amazon is being inundated with thousands of ‘fake’ reviews

The consumer group says its research suggests that 'Amazon is losing the battle against fake reviews'

Plastic-backed fridges must be removed from sale, says Which?

Which? said its own, more stringent, tests found that no plastic backing sample was able to withstand a flame for 30 seconds

UK broadband providers failing to give adequate information on speeds

Providers, who should give customers estimated home speeds 'as early as practicable' during the sales process, gave the information less than half of the time