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WhatsApp group chats can be found on Google

Users are warned to be aware of what is happening in their groups

Parents call for crackdown on TikTok Skull Breaker Challenge

Children are being unknowingly goaded into playing the cruel ‘game’ and a 12-year-old-boy was left with a broken wrist after having his legs swept out from underneath him

Is your WhatsApp at risk of being hacked?

Cyber experts say Pegasus spyware built by Israeli firm NSO infiltrated Amazon billionaire’s phone

WhatsApp is down for some users

WhatsApp is down for users around the world due to a major outage.

Trump administration ridiculed for foreign policy WhatsApp calls

Sensitive messages most likely intercepted by Russia and China, former officials testify

WhatsApp bug let hackers read your messages with just a video

Users who do not download an update for the latest version of the app are still vulnerable to the hack

WhatsApp stops working properly as picture and voice messages fail

Users told to ask people to re-send messages – but that doesn't work either